Declaration of Independence Celebrated at Worcester


Worcester, Massachusetts, July 22, 1776.

On Monday last a number of patriotick gentlemen of this town, animated with a love of their country, and to show their approbation of the measures lately taken by the Grand Council of America, assembled on the green near the Liberty Pole, where, after having displayed the colours of the Thirteen Confederate Colonies of America, the bells were set a ringing and the drums a beating; after which the Declaration of Independency of the United States was read to a large and respectable body (among whom were the Selectmen and Committee of Correspondence) assembled on the occasion, who testified their approbation by repeated huzzas, firing of musketry and cannon, bonfires, and other demonstrations of joy; when the arms of that tyrant in Britain, George III˙, of execrable memory, which in former reigns decorated, but of late disgraced, the Court-House in this town, were committed to the flames, and consumed to ashes; after which a select company of the sons of freedom repaired to the Tavern, lately known by the sign of the King' s Arms, which odious signature of despotism was taken down by order of the people, which was cheerfully complied with by the Innkeeper, where the following toasts were drunk, and the evening spent with joy, on the commencement of the happy era:

1. Prosperity and Perpetuity to the United States of America.

2. The President of the Grand Council of America.

3. The Grand Council of America.

4. His Excellency General Washington.

5. All the Generals in the American Army.

6. Commodore Hopkins.

7. The Officers and Soldiers in the American Army.

8. The Officers and Seamen in the American Navy.

9. The Patriots of America.

10. Every Friend of America.

11. George rejected, and Liberty protected.

12. Success to the American Arms.

13. Sore eyes to all Tories, and a chesnut burr for an eye stone.

14. Perpetual itching without the benefit of scratching to the enemies of America.

15. The Council and Representatives of the State of Massachusetts Bay.


16. The Officers and Soldiers in the Massachusetts service.

17. The Memory of the brave General Warren.

18. The Memory of the magnanimous General Montgomery.

19. Speedy redemption to all the Officers and Soldiers who are now prisoners of war among our enemies.

20. The State of Massachusetts Bay.

21. The Town of Boston.

22. The Selectmen and Committees of Correspondence for the Town of Worcester.

23. May the enemies of America be laid at her feet.

24. May the Freedom and Independence of America endure till the sun grows dim with age, and this earth returns to chaos.

The greatest decency and good order was observed, and, at a suitable time, each man returned to his respective home.