Determination on the case of William Warne


On consideration of the case of William Warne, the Committee came to the following determination, viz:

Whereas, William Warne has been guilty of propagating divers false reports calculated to injure the American cause, and hath also confessed to certain persons that he was a Tory, and that in his opinion it was best for the country to submit to its enemies:

Resolved, That the said William Warne be committed to the Gaol of this County for one month. That the superintendents of the ship-yards at Poughkeepsie be requested and authorized to take the said Warne out of Gaol every morning, and set him to work in the yards, and return him to Gaol every night; and that they pay him weekly such wages as his labour may be reasonably worth.

Resolved, That at the expiration of the said month, the said Gaoler bring the said William Warne before the Convention, or a Committee of Safety of this State, whichever of them may be then sitting, to the end that he may abide such further order as may be then made concerning him.