Commodore Hopkin' s orders to Captain Biddie



Providence, May 12, 1776.

SIR: You are to take as many men out of the Alfred as will make your complement eighty-five, and proceed on a cruise against the enemies of the United Colonies, for three or four weeks, in such places as you think will most annoy the enemy, if you do not take as many prizes as you can well man sooner. You are also to endeavour to keep company


with the Cabot, and give such directions to Lieutenant Hinman, her commander, as may be necessary for the pub-lick good.

If you take any prizes, you are to send them in here, or in case of necessity, any other place you can with most safety. You are to send in for trial all British property, and all vessels bound to Great Britain, or to any of the British Plantations which are now under the British Ministry. In case you should want any supplies you may draw on me for the same, or on the Continental Treasurers.

Yours, &c.

ESECK HOPKINS, Commander-in-Chief.

To Nicholas Biddle, Esquire, Commander of the Brigantine Andrew Doria.