Letter from General Washington, September Two fire-ships to be delivered to such person as General Washington shall appoint to take charge of them


A Letter from General Washington was read, and follows, viz:

"Head-Quarters, Heights of Harlem, September 20, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: Having reason to believe the enemy will attempt to gall us with their ships of war from the North-River as soon as they are ready to open their batteries against the front of our lines, which we expect them to erect with great industry, I beg leave to mention that I think it may be of immense consequence if your honourable body will order down some of your fire-ships, which may lay just above the obstructions in the river under cover of the guns of Fort Washington, where they will be ready to act in case the ships should attempt to come up. Hurried and surrounded with a thousand things, I have only time to add that I have the honour to be, with great esteem, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,


On reading the Letter of his Excellency General Washington, of the 20th instant, requesting this Convention to order down some of their Fire-Ships to lay just above the obstructions in Hudson' s River,

Resolved, That the two Fire-Ships charged by Captain Hazelwood, be immediately despatched to Fort Washington, or near it.

And Ordered, That Gilbert Livingston, Esquire, or any other Member of the Committee for obstructing the navigation of Hudson' s River who may now be at Poughkeepsie, do immediately despatch the two Fire-Ships prepared and charged by Captain Hazelwood, with proper persons to navigate them, under cover of the guns of the said Fort, and there deliver them to the care of such person as his Excellency General Washington has or shall appoint to take charge of them.

Ordered, That a copy of the above Resolution and Order be despatched to his Excellency General Washington, and another copy to Gilbert Livingston, Esq.