Letter to General Washington


Die Mercurii, 4 ho˙ P˙ M˙, September 4, 1776.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Abraham Yates, Jun˙, Esq˙, President.

NEW-YORK˙ — Mr˙ Harper, Mr˙ Bancker, Mr˙ Duane.

WESTCHESTER˙ — *Colonel Cortlandt, Judge Graham.

CUMBERLAND˙— Mr˙ Sessions and Mr˙ Stevens.

ALBANY — *Mr˙ Abraham Yates, Mr˙ Adgate, *CoIonel Renselaer, Mr˙ John Ten Broeck, Mr˙ Cuyler, General Ten Broeck, Colonel Livingston.

SUFFOLK — Mr˙ William Smith.

ORANGE — Mr˙ Wisner, Colonel Allison, Mr˙ Joseph Smith.

ULSTER — Colonel De Witt, Mr˙ Tappan.

TRYON — Mr˙ Harper, Mr˙ Moore, Mr˙ Veder, Mr˙ New- kerk.

DUTCHESS — Mr˙ Sackett, *Major Schenck.

CHARLOTTE — Major Webster, Colonel Williams, *Mr˙ Duer.

N˙ B˙ Those gentleman whose names are marked with asterisms are a quorum of the Committee of Safety.

A draft of a Letter to his Excellency General Washington, to accompany the Report of the sub-Committee of this Committee on his Excellency' s Letter of the 1st instant, was read and approved, and is in the words following, to wit:

"SIR: I enclose to your Excellency, by order of the Committee of Safety, a copy of a report which relates to a part of your letter of the 1st instant, respecting the calling out more of the Militia of this State, for the purpose of reinforcing the post at King' s Bridge. It is with extreme concern that the Committee of Safety see their inability to assist further in maintaining the important posts. They flatter


themselves that the reasons which they have offered, will appear as satisfactory to your Excellency as they did to the Committee.

"I am, however, directed to assure your Excellency, that the whole Militia of the Counties of Ulster, Orange, Dutchess, and Westchester, shall be ready to march whenever your Excellency or General Clinton shall think it absolutely necessary; and to inform you that the Committee of Safety. will immediately exert themselves in arming with lances all such of the well-affected Militia as are at present destitute of fire-arms.

"I have the honour to be, most respectfully, sir, your most obedient, humble servant.

"To His Excellency."