John Hanson


Thursday, February 1, 1778.

Council met. Present the same Members as yesterday.

Copy of Letter No˙ 7 sent to the Deputies of this Province in Congress.

Ordered, That the Company of Light Infantry, in the regular forces of this Province, be armed with Rifles.

Ordered, That Messrs˙ John Hanson, Junior, Charles Beatty, and James Johnson, or any two of them, be requested to provide and furnish the said Company with good substantial and serviceable Rifles, necessary Bullet-moulds, and Powder-horns, and to draw the necessary orders on the Council of Safety, from time to time, to disburse the expense attending the same.

Ordered, That a copy of the Resolve of the late Convention, relative to the arming of the Troops, be transmitted to them, with a copy of the above Order.

Ordered, That the Clerk make out and send to the Justices of Baltimore County Court, a copy of the Resolutions of Convention relative to the payment of Levies.