Address to the King Ordered


Ordered, That an humble Address be presented to his Majesty, "To return his Majesty the thanks of this House for his Majesty' s gracious Message, and for the communication his Majesty hath been graciously pleased to make to this House, of several Papers relative to the present state of some of his Majesty' s Colonies in North America.

To assure his Majesty that this House, truly sensible that the peace and good government of the Colonies, and the preventing any obstructions there to the Commerce of this Kingdom, are objects of their most serious attention, will enter upon the consideration of these Papers with an earnest desire to make such provisions as, upon mature deliberation, shall appear necessary and


expedient for securing the just dependence of the said Colonies upon the Crown and Parliament of Great Britain, and for enforcing a due obedience to the Laws of this Kingdom throughout all his Majesty' s Dominions."

Ordered, That the said Address be presented to his Majesty by the Lords with White Staves.

Ordered, That the Papers delivered this day by the Earl of Dartmouth, (by his Majesty' s command,) together with his Majesty' s most gracious Message, be taken into consideration on Thursday, sevennight; and that the Lords be summoned.