George Cook to Maryland Council of Safety



Baltimore, December 1st, 1776.

HONOUIRED GENTLEMEN: We got safe to Baltimore on Friday morning, and since have not been able to do any thing for want of a wharf for the ship to clean at. I expect to get one that Mr˙ Lux has two brigs at, Monday morning, and shall use my utmost endeavours in getting the ship ready for sea as soon as possible. As soon as the tender is fit to be sent to Potomack, I shall send her off, with instructions to call at Annapolis, and take Mr˙ Middleton with them, to endeavour to find our anchor. I shall acquaint you from time to time how we go on.

I have the honour to be, honoured gentlemen, your most obedient, humble servant,


The honourable Council of Safety, Annapolis.

P˙ S. Enclosed I send you two adrertisements of the sale of the snow Georgia. I should be glad to be informed what we are to do for mops for the ship' s company, which are much wanting, or whether I may not contract for such articles as are wanting, if I have it in my power.