Committee Ordered to Inquire into the Proceedings of Massachusetts Bay


WEDNESDAY, March 30, 1774.

Ordered, That all the Lords who have been present this day, be appointed a Committee to inquire into the several Proceedings in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, in opposition to the sovereignty of his Majesty, in his Parliament of Great Britain, over that Province; and also what has passed in this House relative thereto, from the 1st of January, 1764.

Ordered, That the several Papers laid before this House relating to Disturbances in the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay, be referred to the said Committee; and the said Committee is hereby empowered to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Their Lordships, or any five of them, to meet to-morrow, in the Prince' s lodgings, near the House of Peers; and to adjourn as they please.

The Lords present, who formed the Committee, were:

The Duke of Gloucester; Lord Apsley, Lord High Chancellor; Earl of Gower, Lord President; Earl of Hertford, Lord Chamberlain.

Dukes: Beafort, Ancaster, Chandos, Montagu.

Earls: Suffolk, Denbigh, Westmoreland, Stanford, Sandwich, Doncaster, Rochford, Abercorn, Loudon, March, Marchmont, Stair, Roseberry, Dartmouth, Macclesfield, Waldegrave, Asburnham, Bucks, Hardwicke, Fauconberg, Ilchester, Northington, Spencer, Hillsborough.

Viscounts: Montague, Townshend, Falmouth.

Hon: Frederick Cornwallis, Archbishop of Canterbury; Richard Terrick, Bishop of London; Edmund Keene, Bishop of Ely; Sir William Asburnham, Bart˙, Bishop of Chichester; John Hume, Bishop of Salisbury; John Green, Bishop of Lincoln; Charles Moss, Bishop of St˙ Davids; Edmund Law, Bishop of Carlisle; John Hinchcliffe, Bishop of Peterborough; William Markham, Bishop of Chester.


Lords: Abergavenny, Willoughby, Br˙, Cathcart, Cadogan, King, Godolphin, Montfort, Edgcumbe, Sandys, Bruce, Walpole, Mansfield, Lyttelton, Wycombe, Scarsdale, Boston, Pelham, Camden, Sundridge.