Draft Re


Mr˙ Duer, of the Committee appointed to devise ways and means for preventing the dangers which may arise from the disaffected in this State, reported a draft of certain Resolutions for that purpose, which were read. The same being read a second time, Mr˙ Duane moved, and it was seconded by Mr˙ William Harper, that the consideration of this Report be postponed till to-morrow morning.

Debates arose thereon, and the question being put, it was carried in the affirmative, in manner following, to wit:

For the Affirmative.
6 Albany.
2 Cumberland.
4 Ulster.
3 Tryon.
15 votes.
For the Negative.
2 Charlotte.
5 Dutchess.
3 Orange.
4 Westchester.
14 votes.

Therefore, Ordered, That the further consideration of the said Report be postponed till to-morrow morning.