Report of the Committee who visited the fortifications on Hudson' s river


Mr˙ Duane, from the Committee who visited the Fortifications on Hudson' s River, produced a number of Returns, made by various officers there, and gave the Convention the following information in substance:

1st˙ That General Clinton told them that he thought the provisions deficient; that on inquiry they found a quantity of damaged pork in barrels there, which, from some information they received, was, in general, bad when sold for the use of the garrison, with a little good pork packed as a cover in each end of the barrels.

2d˙ That the fire rafts are in such a slate as not to be fit for use, having in part water in them; and that the General does not know what to do with them.

3d˙ That at Fort Montgomerie, an Armourer, with the tools of his trade, is much wanted.


4th˙ That there is a greatwant of men at Forts Montgomerie, Constitution, and Red-Hook; that the last mentioned work is very imperfect, but will be extremely useful. That one thousand more men the General would think necessary for the Fortifications, excusive of Red-Hook, That spades, shovels, pick-axes, shot, lead, sheep-skins. langrage, and many other things, are wanting there; that the General desires a reinforcement of men, and that they may be armed. And he gave an account of the number of cannon there, and the weight of their metal.

Mr˙ Duane then moved that five hundred Militia may be immediately ordered to reinforce those Garrisons, to be detached from Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess.

Debates arose, and the consideration whereof is deferred till to-morrow.