Letter from Gilbert Livingston, at Poughkeepsie: The chain intended to obstruct the navigation of Hudson' s river


A Letter from Gilbert Livingston, Esq˙, at Poughkeepsie, was read. He therein informs that the Chain intended to obstruct the navigation of Hudson' s River has been delayed for want of iron. He requests that one of the other Members of the Committee may come to him to assist him, and


bring with him two thousand Pounds, as their Treasury is nearly exhausted; and informs that he expects to go to the Fort to see that the apparatus is ready to fasten, and stretch the chain.

Ordered, That the Secret Committee for obstructing the navigation of Hudson' s River, have permission to go to the Fortifications in the Highlands to-morrow morning.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Duane, Mr˙ Hobart, General Ten Broeck, Mr˙ Duer, Mr˙ William Smith, Mr˙ Wisner, and Mr˙ Bancker, with the President, constitute a Committee of Safety; that the President and any four of those gentlemen be a quorum of that Committee; that they continue a Committee of Safety until the first meeting of a representation of this State in Convention; that every other Member who may attend have a voice in the Committee, and that the said Committee have power to send for any Members of this Convention who may be absent.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hobart, Mr˙ Duer, and Mr˙ Bancker, be a Committee to consider of and report the most proper disposition to be made of the vessel or sloop of war Montgomery, belonging to this State.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Robert Harper be added to and be, One of the Committee for taking the Examination of Samuel Yale, Esq˙