Letter from General Schuyler, The levies directed to be raised in Ulster County to reinforce the garrisons in the Higlands to be immediately completed, and the remainder subject to the requisitions of General Schuyler


Egbert Dumond, Esq˙, of Kingston, in Ulster County, delivered to the Committee a Letter from General Schuyler, directed to the President, and which General Schuyler desired to be sent by express.

He also produced to this Committee a Letter from General Schuyler to the Committee of Ulster County, requesting their Militia to march to Albany immediately. Also an extract of intelligence received from Lake Champlain.

Mr˙ Dumond says, that he was desired by their Committee to bring General Schuyler' s Letter to the President. But there appeared reason to believe that the Committee of Ulster desired to have the sentiments of the Committee, whether they should supply the detachments from their Militia, for the Garrisons in the Highlands.

Thereupon the Committee of Safety made the following determination, to wit:

The Committee of Safety have taken into consideration General Schuyler' s Letter of the 9th instant to the Committee of Ulster, and by them transmitted to this Committee:

Thereupon, Resolved, That the Levies directed by the Convention to be raised in that County, to reinforce the Garrisons in the Highlands, be immediately completed, and the more so, as General Washington concurs with the Convention in thinking those Levies highly necessary for the defence of those important posts.

And it is the opinion of this Committee, that the remainder of the Militia of Ulster ought to comply with such requisitions and directions as they have, or may receive from General Schuyler.

Whereas the Publick Accounts of this State, to be laid before the Continental Treasury Board, to be audited and passed, are, in a great measure, delayed for want of the accounts of the expenditures of the publick moneys which have passed through the hands of Egbert Dumond, Esq.:

Ordered, That Egbert Dumond, Esq˙, render Accounts to the Treasurer, or to the Auditor-General, of all the Publick Moneys which have been put into his hands by the Representatives of this State, with all possible despatch.

Ordered, That one of the Secretaries deliver to Egbert Dumond, Esq˙, a copy of the above order, and the preamble thereof.