Petition of Charles Shaw


On the application of Samuel Mabbit, of Dutchess County, who assures that he is about to erect a Flaxseed Mill in that County:

Resolved, That an exemption from military duty be granted to six persons, who shall be employed in erecting a Flaxseed Mill and carrying on the business of said Mill when the same shall be erected: Provided, That the names of such persons be registered with the Brigadier-General of the County of Dutchess, and that he be furnished with a copy of this Resolution.

On reading the Petition of Charles Shaw, the Convention came to the following determination:


Whereas Charles Shaw hath, by his Memorial presented to this Convention, averring his attachment to the American cause, shown sufficient cause why he ought not be compelled to actual service in the Militia: Upon consideration of the said Memorial:

Resolved, That the said Charles Shaw be exempted from said service.

General Morris suggested sundry reasons to the Convention for his attendance at Philadelphia.

Ordered, That General Morris attend at Congress at Philadelphia, and return with all possible despatch.

The Convention were informed that the Committee, who were appointed for that purpose, cannot proceed in the removal of the Poor from the City of New-York without a supply of cash.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of this State advance to James Beckman, Esq˙, one of the members of the Committee appointed to remove the indigent women and children and infirm persons out of the City of New-York, the sum of £1,000, to enable the said Committee to complete the business for which they were appointed.

A Letter from General Woodhull, dated at Jamaica, 25th August, was read.

Ordered, To be referred to the Committee for drawing Instructions for General Woodhull.