Letter from Mary Hay Burn to John Hay Burn



New-Hackensack, October 17, 1776.

MOST LOVING HUSBAND: These come to let you know that I and my family are well at present, hoping these few lines will find you so likewise, and to let you know that Dirrick Hoogland has warranted me to go out of my house," and has forewarned me to repair it, for out of it he says I shall go; for if any body comes to repair it, he says he will pull off the roof, and fetch it all home. What I shall do I know not, for a house I cannot get, and to get in with Febe I can' t, for William Elseworth he lives there; so you must go to your commanding officers and let them know the circumstance I am in, and let them know that I will be obliged to be turned out of doors if you don' t come up and look for a house. Come you must, if possible. If you can' t come, you must go to some of your officers belonging to the company where you are in, and try and get in with one of them for to go to the commanding officer and see whether Dirrick has any right to turn me out of doors, since you are listed for to go and fight for liberty. Why should I not have liberty whilst you strive for liberty? The money you sent me, I laid it out as you ordered. But I am got out of money. If you can' t come, you must send all the money you can. So no more at present, but I remain your loving wife until death.


To Mr˙ John Hay Burn, at King' s Bridge .