Message from the President


Message from the President, by the Clerk of the Legislative Council:

"Mr˙ SPEAKER AND GENTLEMEN: Colonel Williamson lately desired my instructions with respect to telling the men engaged in the expedition against the Cherokees, that such of those Indians as should be taken prisoners would become slaves, and the property of the captors; which notion I find prevailed in his camp, insomuch that an Indian woman who had been taken prisoner was sold as a slave. I send you an extract of my letter in answer to his on this subject; and, agreeable to my promise to him, recommend the giving suitable encouragement to those who shall distinguish themselves in the war against the Ckerokees, which I doubt not you will. I wish to be enabled to assure Colonel Williamson soon with certainty what they may expect.


"25th September, 1776."

Read the paper referred to, entitled "Extract of a Letter, 3d September, in answer to Colonel Williamson, of August 25th."

Ordered, That the Message and Extract accompanying the same, be referred to a Committee.

And it is referred to the Honourable Mr˙ Lowndes, the Honourable Mr˙ Edwards, Colonel Gervais, Colonel Pinckney, Mr˙ Neufville, Mr˙ Cantey, and Mr˙ John Waring.