Messenger directed to summon absent members


Whereas the time limited for the absence of Robert R˙ Livingston and William Duer, Esquires, from the Convention of this State, hath expired, and neither of them hath returned:

Resolved, That Sampson Dyckman, the Messenger, be directed to summon those gentlemen to return immediately to the House, and that they pay a reasonable compensation to the Messenger for his trouble and expenses.

Resolved, further, That the said Messenger summon all the absent Members who may reside or be between this place and the north bounds of the Manor of Livingston, to attend immediately, except Gilbert Livingston.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Robert Harper prepare a draft of a Letter to General George Clinton, requesting him to inform the Convention of the state of the Chevaux de-Frise, and other obstructions to the navigation of Hudson' s River, opposite to Fort Washington.

Ordered, That Colonel Peter R˙ Livingston have leave of absence, to depart on Saturday, and return on Tuesday.

Ordered, That the President send Letters to such absent Members as are not otherwise on duty, desiring their immediate attendance.