Jan. 18, Council met at Annapolis Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer chosen President, and Gabriel Duvall appointed Clerk



At a meeting of the Council of Safety of Maryland, at Annapolis, on Thursday, 18th January, 1776:

Were present: The Hon˙ Daniel of St˙ Thomas Jenifer, Esq˙, Charles Carroll, Barrister, Benjamin Rumsey, and James Tilghman, Esquires.

The above Members were qualified before Mr˙ Thomas Brooke Hodgkin, by taking the oath prescribed by the Convention.

Gabriel Duvall was appointed Clerk, and qualified before Mr˙ Hodgkin, by taking the oath directed by the Convention.

The Honourable Daniel of St˙ Thomas Jenifer, Esquire, was chosen President.

Ordered, That Captain John Allen Thomas be allowed seven Shillings and six Pence per week, for the subsistence of each Recruit, till otherwise ordered by the Council.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore pay to Captain Thomas two hundred Pounds, common money, to enable him to advance to, and subsist his Recruits.

Ordered, That the Treasurer pay to Captain Barton Lucas one hundred and twenty Pounds, common money, for the purpose mentioned in the above order.

Council adjourns till to-morrow morning, half past nine o' clock.