Depositions of Roeloff Schenck, Theodorus Van Wyck, Jun., and Peter Horton ,as to the conduct and declarations of Mr. Warne, William Warne to be safely kept till tomorrow morning


I saw William Warnes the 7th instant, who told me he left Long-Island the 5th in the evening, and says the regular army on Long-Island is upward of thirty thousand strong; that ten thousand had lately arrived on Staten-Island; that fifteen thousand was daily expected; that Burgoyne' s army of Regulars, Canadians, and Indians, was fifteen thousand;


that they had spies throughout the Continent, and had intelligence of each other frequently; that in the late skirmishes on Long-Island we had lost in killed, prisoners, and wounded, two thousand five hundred; that when our troops evacuated Long-Island we left all our cannon and provisions; that our army behaved ill, saving two regiments, viz: a Jersey regiment and Colonel Lasher' s regiment, the latter but a few escaped; that the Regulars' loss did not amount to two hundred; that General Woodhull was taken, with Increase Carpenter, in the said Carpenter' s barn; that General Howe sent to the inhabitants of Suffolk to come in, and to show their loyalty to send down two hundred wagons; they immediately sent three hundred; he likewise told me he was almost a Tory, and advised us all to turn Tories, that the King would certainly overcome us; that the said William Warne informed him that he heard the above-mentioned matters from David Colden, a Surgeon of the Army, several of the Light-Horse, and Dr˙ Ogden; that he did not say that he knew any of these things of his own knowledge.


Sworn before me the 10th September, 1776:

ABM˙ YATES, Jun˙, President.