Answer to General Putnam' s two Letters


Thereupon, Resolved, That the persons confined in Forts Montgomery and Constitution be kept close Prisoners in the same until they shall give the Committees, by whose viour as the said Committees shall think needful; and that order they are now there, such security for their good behavior in the intermediate time the said Prisoners be not compelled to labour at the said Fort.

Ordered, That a Letter be written to General Putnam, in answer to his two Letters received and read this afternoon,

and that a copy of the aforegoing Order be enclosed; also, that copies of the said Order be transmitted to the several Committees by whose order the said Prisoners were sent to the Fortifications.

A draft of the said Letter was read, and approved, and is in the words following, to wit:

SIR: We have been honoured by your letter of this day relative to the confinement of sundry persons at the fortifications in the Highlands, the conduct of Sergeant McFall, and the dismission of Colonel Nicoll.

By the enclosed orders, you will perceive that we have paid attention to the situation of the prisoners, and complied with your request concerning the Colonel. We have the honour further to inform you, sir, that a Committee is appointed to take cognizance of Sergeant McFall' s conduct, and report the same to this House; and that we are, with the utmost respect, yours, &c.

By order.

To Major-General Putnam.

Ordered, That a copy, signed by the President, be transmitted.