July 15


Monday, July 15, 1776.

Sundry Letters were laid before Congress, and read, viz:

One from Mr˙ J˙ Jay, of the 6th, enclosing a Memorial from Samuel Tredwell Pell, of the Manor of Pelham;

One from the Committee of Lancaster, of the 11th;

One from the Committee of Reading, of the 13th; and Two from the Convention of New-York, of the 11th, with sundry Papers enclosed; among which were the following Resolutions:

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New-York, White-Plains, July 9, 1776.

Resolved, unanimously, That the reasons assigned by the Continental Congress for declaring the United Colonies Free and Independent States are cogent and conclusive; and, that while we lament the cruel necessity which has rendered that measure unavoidable, we approve the same, and will, at the risk of our lives and fortunes, join with the other Colonies in supporting it.

Resolved, That a copy of the said Declaration and the aforegoing Resolution be sent to the Chairman of the Committee of the County of Westchester, with orders to publish the same, with beat of drum, at this place, on Thursday next, and to give directions that it be published with all convenient speed in the several Districts of the County; that copies also be sent to the Chairman of the several Counties within the State of New-York, with orders to cause the


same to be published in the several Districts of their respective Counties.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Delegates of this State, in the Continental Congress, be, and they hereby are, authorized to concert and adopt all such measures as they may deem conducive to the happiness and welfare of the United States of America.

Extract from the Minutes:

ROBERT BENSON, Secretary."