Committees in the several Counties appointed to collect Gold and Silver for the operations in Canada


"IN CONGRESS, January 27th, 1776. — Resolved, That Monsieur Juge be permitted to export the produce or manufactures of the Province of Maryland, (horned Cattle, Hogs, Sheep and Poultry excepted,) to any port or place whatsoever, (except to Great Britain, Ireland, the British Isles, and the British West-Indies, and for the supply of the British Navy or Army in America,) to the amount of the Canvass imported by him into the said Province; the said value to be ascertained by the Committee of Inspection and Observation for Baltimore County.

"Resolved, nevertheless, That the indulgence in this instance ought not to be drawn into example, the same being granted to Mr˙ Juge on account of the peculiar circumstances of his case, and that the said Mr˙ Juge, be enjoined by the aforesaid Committee of Baltimore to avoid, if possible, all British Ships-of-War and Armed Cutters on his voyage.

"Extracted from the Minutes: