Your Committee to whom it was referred to devise ways and means to obtain intelligence from the Committee at New-York, report it as their opinion that the following resolve for that purpose be entered into:

Resolved, That Uriah Mitchel and Samuel Dyckman be employed as riders. That Mitchel set out from this place and Dyckman from New-York on one and the same day, and both meet at the house of John Blagg, this side Croton' s River, and there exchange mails, with which each are to return to their respective stages the day following, so as to arrive as early as possible on that day: that is Mitchel to Fishkill and Dyckman to New-York, and set out again the day after and perform the same stages, and so to continue as long as this Committee or the Convention of this State shall think proper to employ them, and that there be allowed each respectively, while in said service, the sum of sixteen shillings per day.

SIR: You are hereby directed and empowered to repair from this place to New-York, to agree with some person at Peekskill to keep a horse for the publick service, and with some other person at Odle' s to keep another horse, to employ a rider and a third horse at Head-Quarters,who shall set out every morning at daybreak from thence, having waited upon the General and the Postmaster the evening preceding for their letters, and upon General Clinton at King' s Bridge, from whence he shall repair to Croton river, at which place he shall engage to be by twelve o' clock every day, and exchange his mail with that which shall go from this place every morning at the same hour, and return the same into the post office that night.

That such rider shall begin to ride on Thursday next, and continue to ride every day till the further order of this Congress, for which he shall be allowed a reasonable compensation, and be exempted from military duty. Or if he shall find it more advantageous, he may agree with any person by the great to ride daily from New-York and return thereto, finding their own horses, for which he may be permitted to allow any sum not exceeding three dollars per day.

The honourable Convention of the State of NEW-YORK to JACOB ODELL,


September 1, 1776. To riding Express from Philipsburgh to New-york and returning, twenty-seven miles £l 7 0
To do˙ from Philipsburgh to Fishkill, forty-two miles 2 2 0
To riding from 19th September to 1st No vember including, forty-four days, at 16, as per resolve of Congress, bearing date the 17th September, 1776 35 4 0
  £38 13 0