Proceedings of Committee for Westfield, Massachusetts, on complaint against Captain John Bancroft



The Committee of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety, of the town of Westfield, having heretofore had many complaints of the inimical temper and disposition of Captain John Bancroft, of said Westfield, towards the grand struggle for the preservation of American liberty: And whereas information being had that the said John received into his house, fed, and refreshed the notorious Captain McKay and his attendants, on his escape (and most infamous breach of parole) from Hartford, and endeavour to get through the woods to Quebeck, there to join the Ministerial butchers, to cut the throats of our brethren in Canada: In consequence of such information, we summoned the said John to appear before us; and it appearing, on examination, by his own confession, that he was well knowing that one John Graves was gone to Springfield or Hartford for the purpose of piloting prisoners off, and that, on his appearing at his house with said McKay, he was at no loss what their business was; whereupon a motion was made and seconded, whether the feeding, refreshing, and not giving notice of parole, or any prisoners, on their escape to our most inhuman enemies, does not fairly prove that the said Captain John Bancroft is an enemy to American liberty? It passed in the affirmative: Therefore,

Resolved, unanimously, That the said John ought to be held up to publick view as an enemy to American liberty, and all persons cautioned against holding correspondence or connection with him until he is of a better temper and disposition of mind, and that he be confined within the limits of his own farm until further orders of the Committee.

Voted, That the foregoing proceedings with regard to the said John Bancroft be by the Clerk of said Committee procured to be inserted in the Connecticut Courant and one of the Boston newspapers.


Westfield, June 20, 1776.