Mr˙ Abraham W De Peyster, agreeable to the directions given him this morning, brought in this Affidavit, to which he was sworn, and is in the words following, to wit:

"DUTCHESS County, ss:

"Abraham W˙ De Peyster being sworn, deposeth and saith: That on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 4th, 5th, and 6th days of September instant, he was at New-Rochelle, in the County of Westchester; that on one of the above named days he heard (as far as he can at present recollect) either Theodosius Barton, of New-Rochelle, aforesaid, or Anthony Abrahams, of the town of Westchester, in substance say, in a conversation this deponent had with the one or the other of them on the American contest, that Joseph Reade, late of the city of New-York, attorney-at-Iaw, but at present, as this deponent understood, a resident in the town of Westchester, was reputed a great Tory. That the chief of his, the said Joseph Reade' s conversation, was of the Tory kind; and that he, the said Joseph Reade, had reported, that in the late battle on Long-Island, between the American army and that of the King of Great Britain, the Americans had lost either seven or fourteen thousand men, (this deponent cannot now recollect which of the two numbers was mentioned, but rather thinks fourteen;) this deponent further says, that the amount of all he heard at New-Rochelle at the time aforesaid, respecting Joseph Reid, was that the said Joseph Reid was a great Tory, and very unfriendly to the American cause, and further this deponent saith not.


Sworn before me the 10th September, 1776:

ABM˙ YATES, Jun˙, President.

Ordered, That the said Deposition be transmitted to the Committee of Westchester County, with a Letter requesting them to proceed thereon.