February 23


Friday, February 23, 1776.

Council met. Present as yesterday, except Mr˙ Jenifer, who was directed by the Council to attend Mr˙ Johnson on publick business at Baltimore Town. Mr˙ Hall attended.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore pay to Mr˙ Elie Vallette nine Pounds six Shillings, being the expense of removing the Records of the Commissary' s Office.

Messieurs John Shaw and Archibald Chisholm agreed with the Council of Safety to stock the Gun-barrels made by Mr˙ Isaac Harris for the use of this Province, at the price the same are done in Philadelphia.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore deliver to Messrs˙ John Shaw and Archibald Chisholm fifty of the Gun-barrels left with him by Mr˙ Isaac Harris, to be stocked by said Shaw and Chisholm, and take their receipt for the same.

Ordered, That Major Thomas Tillard deliver to Mr˙ Isaac Harris three barrels of Gunpowder belonging to this Province, to be by him brought under a guard to the City of Annapolis, and there delivered to the Council of Safety, or to their order.

That the said Isaac Harris be empowered to hire a cart, and one or more horses, as also to employ two persons to assist him in bringing said three barrels of Gunpowder from Pig-Point to Annapolis, and to be a guard on the same.

That Colonel John Hall be, and he is hereby, appointed to receive the Gunpowder from Isaac Harris, and that he take care that the same be stored in some safe place in the City of Annapolis; and that the said John Hall deliver out, or cause to be delivered out, to Isaac Harris, so much of the said Gunpowder as may be necessary for proving the Muskets now made or making by him.

That Isaac Harris call on Mr˙ Stephen West, and request him to send up to the Council of Safety, by the said Harris, all the Gunlocks and Cutteau-Knives now in his possession, heretofore agreed for by Colonel Smallwood.

Adjourned till next day, ten o' clock.