General Washington to General Lee



Brunswick, December 1st, 1776.

DEAR SIR: The enemy are advancing, and have got as far as Woodbridge and Amboy, and from information not to be doubted, mean to push to Philadelphia. The force I have with me is infinitely inferiour in number, and such as cannot give or promise the least successful opposition. It is greatly reduced by the departure of the Maryland Flying-Camp men, and sundry other causes. I must entreat you to hasten your march as much as possible, or your arrival may be too late to answer any valuable purpose. Your route, and the place to join me, I cannot particularize; in these instances you must be governed by circumstances, and the intelligence you receive. Let the former be secure. I hope to meet a considerable reinforcement of Pennsylvania Associators; it is said they seem spirited upon this occasion.

I am, dear sir, yours, &c˙,


To Major-General Lee.