Resolution for the removal of the bells in the churches and public edifies from the city of New-York to Newark, in New-Jersey


On motion of Mr˙ Duer, the Convention came to the following Resolution for the removal of the Bells from the City of New-York, viz:

Whereas the King of Great Britain is studiously endeavouring, by every means which artifice and lawless power can devise, to deprive the inhabitants of the United States of America of Ammunition, Cannon, and every warlike store, in order that they may fall a more easy prey to his tyrannical purposes; which cowardly designs have unhappily so far succeeded, that this State is now distresssed by the want of sufficient Arms to resist the powerful and unnatural enemy by whom they are invaded: And whereas the duty which the representatives of a free people owe, both to God and their country, obliges them to make every-possible exertion to procure Arms and Ammunition, in order to defend their rights and liberties, which are derived from the Supreme Being, and which posterity have a right to claim as an unincumbered inheritance:

Therefore, Resolved, unanimously, That his Excellency General Washington be requested and authorized to cause all the Bells in the different Churches and publick edifices in the City of New-York to be taken down and removed to New-Ark, in New-Jersey, with all possible despatch, that the fortune of war may not throw the same into the hands of our enemy, and deprive this State, at this critical period, of that necessary though unfortunate resource for supplying our want of cannon.

Resolved, That a copy of this Resolution be sent to the Ministers, Elders, or Church-Wardens of the respective Churches, in order that the weight and value of those Bells may be ascertained. And the Convention of this State pledge the publick faith that the respective Churches shall be furnished with Bells of equal goodness and value whenever their constituents, free from the apprehension of having their civil and religious rights violated by any earthly Power, shall be enabled to return their publick thanks to the Supreme Ruler of the universe for graciously rescuing them from the gulf of tyranny.