July 12


Friday, July 12, 1776.

Sundry Letters were laid before Congress and read, viz:

One of the 11th from Brigadier-General Wooster; one from Mrs˙ Conolly; and one of the 10th, from the Convention of New-Jersey.

Resolved, That the last be referred to the Board of War.

Resolved, That the Committee appointed on the 8th of May last, on the Instructions given to Commodore Hopkins, be discharged; and that the matters to them referred be committed to the Marine Committee, who are Invested with the same powers as the Committee now discharged were at their appointment; and that the said Marine Committee be directed to proceed to inquire, as well how far the said Commodore has complied with the instructions given him by the Naval Committee, as into the complaints reported by the Marine Committee on the 13th of June, to have been exhibited against him.

The Committee appointed to examine the claims of Mr˙ Charles Walker, for the hire and expenses of his Sloop Endeavour, and the damages he has sustained in consequence of her being taken into the service of the United Colonies, and brought from New-Providence to New-London by Commodore Hopkins, brought in their Report, which was taken into consideration;

Whereupon, Resolved, That the said Sloop Endeavour be restored to the said Charles Walker, with all her Stores and Materials, as she came from sea, and now lies at New-London:

That the sum of 2,000 Dollars be paid to the said Charles Walker, for the hire of her, and in lieu of all losses, damages, premiums of Insurance, and expenses whatever:

That the said Charles Walker be permitted to invest the balance of the said 2,000 Dollars, or what remains, after defraying his expenses, and paying for the repairs of the outfit of his vessel, in produce, and export the same.

The Committee appointed to prepare articles of Confederation brought in a draft, which was read:

Ordered, That eighty copies, and no more, of the Confederation, as brought in by the Committee, be immediately printed and deposited with the Secretary, who shall deliver one copy to each Member:

That the Printer be under oath to deliver all the copies which he shall print, together with the copy sheet, to the Secretary, and not to disclose, either directly or indirectly, the contents of the said Confederation:

That no Member furnish any person with his copy, or take any steps by which the said Confederation may be reprinted; and that the Secretary be under the like injunction.

The Committee appointed to take into consideration the Memorial of the Director-General of the American Hospital, brought in their Report, which was read.

Ordered, To lie on the table.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Hopkinson be added to the Marine Committee.

Resolved, That the Secretary be empowered to employ an Assistant Clerk.

The Committee on the Treasury, to whom the Account of Dr˙ Franklin, one of the Commissioners to Canada, was referred, reported, that there is due to said Dr˙ Franklin the sum of 1221 18-90 Dollars; of which —

560 Dollars to be charged to Brigadier-General Arnold;

124 Dollars advanced to Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Esq˙;

164 Dollars and 78-90ths, paid for Bedding, &c˙, for the use of the Commissioners, and which now remain deposited with the Commissary of Stores at Albany; and

372 Dollars and 30-90ths, expended by Messrs˙ Franklin and J˙ Carroll, in their journey to, and from, and in, Canada:

Ordered, That the said Accounts be paid.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, on Monday next.