John Campbell, who was sent as a Messenger to Abraham, Lott, Esq˙, late Treasurer of the Colony of New-York, with a certified copy of the Resolutions of this Convention relative to the publick Treasure, and his contempt in not having accounted, pursuant to the Order of the Provincial Congress of the 17th of March last, delivered the following representation from Abraham Lott, Esq˙, viz:

"To the Honourable Convention of the Representatives of the State of New-York:

"GENTLEMEN: Yesterday evening, I received, by Mr˙ John Campbell, your resolves and orders of the 17th instant, directing me to make answer, in writing, why the order of the Provincial Congress of the 9th March last, relating to the delivery of my publick accounts, has not been complied with.

"Permit me, gentlemen, to assure you that the omission has not proceeded from neglect of your authority, which I trust many of the honourable Convention are well convinced of, but from the following causes:

"Shortly after I received the order of the 9th March, I had the misfortune to wound my left arm in the wrist, in such a manner that I could not make any use of it for six weeks. When I got in part over this incapacity, I was attacked with the gout, which confined me six weeks longer at this place, and my books and accounts being in New-York, put it out of my power, for three months, to do any thing in the matter. After this I went to the city with intent to comply with the order, but the troubles increasing, and every body moving out of town, and advising me to do the same, as the fleet was arrived at Staten-Island, I packed up my books and papers in a hurry, and brought them here, about a month ago, from Newark, where they some time laid for want of a wagon to bring them up. Since which the times have been so very distressing, that I have not had resolution to finish the assorting of my papers, and thus not prepared to make out my accounts. These and not contempt or neglect, are the true causes why the order of the 9th March has not been complied with.

"However, to convince the honourable Convention of my readiness to comply with its directions, will, with all possible speed, make out the accounts, and attend them without delay, agreeable to the order of the 17th instant, though cannot exactly mention the day, as I have still a number of papers to assort. Permit me to add that no unnecessary procrastination shall happen, and that I am, with respect, your most obedient servant,


"Beverwyck, September 32, 1776.

"P˙ S˙ On reading the foregoing to Mr˙ Campbell, he was very desirous that I would limit the time of my attendance as near as possible. For the satisfaction of the Convention, do not think it will be in less than a fortnight, but will come sooner if in my power."

Ordered, That the said Letter be referred to the considreration of the Convention of this State.