Application of Stephen de Lancey, now confined at Hartford, for a horse, said to be taken from him and employed in the Continental Army



The Committee of Safety met.

Present. — All the Members first named except Mr˙ Veder.

A Letter from Stephen De Lancey, Esq˙, now confined at Hartford, to States M˙ Dyckman was read.

Mr˙ Dyckman being called in and examined, says, that he knows the horses mentioned in Mr˙ De Lancey' s letter; that they were kept on the farm of James De Lancey, Esq˙, at Westchester. That one of them is a bay horse about fifteen hands high, the other likewise a bay horse about fourteen hands high. That about a week ago he went to the farm of Mr˙ De Lancey and saw one of the horses, the large one; the other, the small one, he thinks perhaps may have been taken to Long-Island with the family.

Stales M˙ Dyckman withdrew. The Committee took the said letter and Dyckman' s application for an order for the horses of Stephen De Lancey into consideration. After some time spent therein, an order with recitals on that subject being several times read, amended, and moved for, is in the words following, to wit:

Whereas it has been represented in behalf of Stephen De Lancey, Esq˙, now confined on his parole to the Town of Hartford, in Connecticut, by order of the General Committee of the County of Albany, that one of his horses has been taken, and is at present employed by persons in the Continental Army; and it being highly expedient that care should be taken to prevent the destruction of the property of all persons who are removed from their vacant places of residence by the authority of this State:

Resolved, therefore, That States M˙ Dyckman (recommended for that purpose by Mr˙ De Lancey) be authorized to take the custody and charge of the said horse, belonging to the said Stephen De Lancey: Provided, always, That the said horse, belonging to the said Stephen De Lancey, has not been impressed by proper authority for the service of the Army, and that nothing in this resolve contained shall exempt the horses of the said Stephen De Lancey from being impressed in common with those of other persons in this State.

Debates arose on the said proposed Resolution; and the question being put thereon, the Committee were equally divided, viz: Nine for the affirmative and nine for the negative. The Chairman then determined against the said proposed Resolution; wherefore it was rejected.

A Letter from Thomas Cregier, dated this day, was read. He therein gives a state of the vessel of war, the General Putnam, and her crew; that his men want their wages; and the vessel out of repair and unfit for the sea; and advises that she be laid up or sold.

Ordered, That the said Representation be filed, and referred to the consideration of the Convention.

The Memorial of John McCauley and, of Orange County, setting forth the distresses of the inhabitants, for want of Salt, and that certain quantities of Salt are stored in Orange County, was read.

A Resolution, of the Committee of Dutchess County, restraining the sale of the Salt stored in Dutchess County, was also read. They therein pray directions how the said Salt may be most advantageously disposed of.

The Resolution of the Continental Congress, directing the mode of the sales of Salt, was also read.

Ordered, That the said Papers, relating to the article of Salt, be committed to Captain Zephaniah Platt, Mr˙ Dunscombe, Colonel Drake, and Mr˙ Duane, hereby appointed a Committee to report thereon.