Letter from James Duane, the Chairman of the Continental Treasury Office dated Philadelphia, May 7th, enclosing Resolutions requesting a Census of the Inhabitants of the Colony


A Letter from James Duane, Esquire, Chairman of the Continental Treasury Office, dated at Philadelphia, on the 9th instant, (covering copies of Resolutions of Congress for numbering the inhabitants of this Colony,) was read, and follows, to wit:

"Treasury Office, Philadelphia, May 7, 1776.

"HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: We enclose to you the resolutions of Congress, passed the 26th December, 1775, and 17th February following, and have to request your honourable House will cause the number of Inhabitants of your Colony to be taken, and transmitted to this office, conformably to the directions laid down in the first-mentioned resolve.

"I have the honour to be, in the name of the Superintendents of the Treasury, honourable gentlemen, your most obedient, humble servant,

JAMES DUANE, Chairman."