Order to Mr. Schenck for supplying the fortification, instead of the order made on the 7th instant


The following Order was given to Mr˙ John Schenck, for supplying the Fortifications, instead of the order made by the Convention on the 7th instant, the copy whereof Mr˙ Schenck returned:

"SIR: You are requested with all despatch to procure the under-mentioned articles for the use of the garrisons of Forts Montgomery and Constitution; and as soon as they are ready to send them to Brigadier-General James Clinton, commander at the said garrisons, taking his receipts for the same, viz:

"An Armourer with all his tools complete; 50 wood-axes; 25 spades; 25 mattocks; 13 shovels; 20 wheel-barrows; 1000 weight of six-pound iron shot, 1000 weight of nine-pound ditto — one-half of each double-headed; 3,000 weight of grape shot from four to six ounces; 50 sets of great gun-carriage wheels; 32,000 bricks; 10,000 shingles; 700 weight of bar iron; 25 pounds of blistered steel; 400 weight of ten-penny nails; 300 weight of twenty-penny nails; 7,000 feet of three-inch oak plank; 20 hogsheads of lime; 2,000 tacks; 24 sheep skins; 1 large magazine lock; 2 pair shears; a quantity of oil and paint to paint the carriages; 1 dozen of flat and half round files; 1 dozen three-square ditto; 2 large sledges; 2 hand-vices; 10 broad-axes; 10 band-saws; 10 hammers; 5 iron squares; 2 dozen nail gimblets; 6 pair of compasses; 5 sets of framing chisels and augers; 6 spike gimblets; 2 sets of match planes for inch and half inch plank; 10 pounds of twine.

By order:

"ABM˙ YATES, Jun˙, President."