Committee to Consider


A Letter from Peter T˙ Curtenius, with a list of articles such as he contracted for by order of this Convention, was received and read, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Harlem, August 28, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: I am in advance, on account of the Convention, above £4,000, and have engaged clothing and other articles to the amount of at least as much more. Should be glad this honourable House would be pleased to give an order on the Treasurer for £10,000, that I may be enabled to make good my engagements.

"I am, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,


"P˙ S˙ Mr˙ Roosevelt has about £2,800, which he told me I could have, if the Convention would give me an order on him.

"A list of Articles which I have contracted for, and have in store, viz:

"1500 pair buckskin breeches, 3000 shirts, and 200 dozen Germantown stockings, at Philadelphia; the last article something doubtful whether the whole quantity will be got.

"1000 yards linen, given out to be made in shirts at Hackensack.

"45 pieces osnaburgs at old Mr˙ Puulding' s, about three thousand yards; may do to make shirts.

"150 pair leather breeches in my store.

"600 pair shoes in ditto, and can get about 2000 pair more.

"348 dressed deer-skins at Hackensack; about 500 pair buckskin breeches engaged in different parts of the country, and believe I can get more at Bethlehem."

Resolved, That Peter T˙ Curtenius be empowered to borrow the sum of £10,000, and that the Convention of this State pledge the publick faith to the persons of whom he may borrow this sum for the repayment of the same, and that the receipt or receipts of the said Peter T˙ Curtenius shall be vouchers to the person or persons of whom the whole or any part of this sum may be borrowed, and to the Treasurer of this Convention for payment of the same.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of this State, and the Secretaries of the Convention, do immediately remove, with the Treasury and Records of this State, to Fishkill, in Dutchess County, and that they there join the Convention at nine o' clock, on Monday next.