Address reported


Friday, October 27, 1775.

Mr˙ Acland reported from the Committee appointed yesterday to draw up an Address to be presented to his Majesty, that the Committee had drawn up an Address accordingly; which they had directed him to report to the House; and he read the same in his place, and afterwards delivered it in at the Clerk' s table, where the same was read, and is as followeth, viz:

"Most Gracious Sovereign:

"We, your Majesty' s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament assembled, beg leave to return your Majesty the humble thanks of this House for your most gracious speech from the throne.

"Permit us, sir, to assure your Majesty that we have long lamented the condition of our unhappy fellow-subjects in America. Seduced from their allegiance by the grossest misrepresentations, and the most wicked and insidious pretences, they have been made the instruments of the ambitious and traitorous designs of those dangerous men who have led them, step by step, to the standard of rebellion, and who


have now assumed the powers of sovereign authority, which they exercise in the most despotick and arbitrary manner, over the persons and properties of this deluded people.

"Your faithful Commons took a sincere part in your Majesty' s benevolent and parental desire rather to reclaim than to subdue, the most refractory of your Colonies; and, excited by your Majesty' s great example, we were anxious to prevent, if it had been possible, the effusion of the blood of our fellow-subjects, and the calamities which are inseparable from a state of war. We still hoped that your Majesty' s people in America would have discerned the traitorous views of their leaders; would have considered how ruinous even their success must be to themselves, and been convinced that constitutional subjection to Great Britain is the freest and happiest condition of any civil society in the known world; but we now see, with indignation, that no other use has been made of the moderation and forbearance of your Majesty and your Parliament, but to strengthen the preparations of this desperate conspiracy; and that the rebellious war, now levied, is become more general, and manifestly carried on for the purpose of establishing an independent empire.

"We beg leave to assure your Majesty of our entire concurrence with your Majesty, in thinking that it is now become the part of wisdom, and, in its effects, of clemency, to put a speedy end to these disorders, by the most decisive exertions; and that we learn, with the greatest satisfaction, that, for this purpose, your Majesty has increased your naval establishment, and greatly augmented your land forces, in such a manner as may be the least burdensome to your kingdoms; and we will cheerfully and effectually support your Majesty in such necessary measures, and enable your Majesty, when the occasion shall require it, to avail yourself of the friendly offers, which your Majesty has received, of foreign assistance. We thankfully acknowledge the gracious considerations which induced your Majesty to send a part of your Electoral troops to the garrisons of Gibraltar and Port-Mahon, in order that a larger number of the established forces of this kingdom might be applied to the maintenance of its authority; and we are bound in duty to return your Majesty our particular thanks for pointing out to us, from the throne, the constitutional resource of our well-modelled and well-regulated national Militia, which, upon every great emergency, cannot fail of affording security to your Majesty' s realm, and of giving, at the same time, extent and activity to your military operations.

"It is with the highest satisfaction and gratitude we hear the affectionate declaration of the father of his people, that when the unhappy and deluded multitude against whom this force will be directed, shall become sensible of their error, your Majesty will be ready to receive the misled with tenderness and mercy. And your Majesty' s gracious communication, of your intention to give authority to certain persons on the spot, to grant general and particular pardons, as they shall think fit, and to receive the submission of any Province or Colony which may be disposed to return to its allegiance, demands our warmest acknowledgment, and we shall be ready to give our concurrence to such measures as may best contribute to carry your Majesty' s wise and humane intentions into execution.

"Every motive and every interest that can animate the hearts of loyal subjects, call upon your faithful Commons to grant to your Majesty such supplies as the circumstances and exigency of affairs may require; and, being fully convinced that the security of every benefit and advantage derived to the commerce, the manufactures, and the navigation, of your Majesty' s kingdoms, from the American Colonies, must ever depend on their being held in that due subordination to the Legislature of Great Britain in which the Constitution has placed them, we should be wanting in the duty which we owe to our constituents, ourselves, and our posterity, if we did not engage, with our lives and our fortunes, to support this great and important cause, in which the rights of your Majesty' s Crown, and the interests of your people are so essentially concerned; and we hope and trust that we shall, by the blessing of God, put such strength and force into your Majesty' s hands, as may soon defeat and suppress this rebellion, and enable your Majesty to accomplish your gracious wish of re-establishing order, tranquillity, and happiness, through all the parts of your united empire."