Information from George Matthews, Cannon Founder, in the neighbourhood of Baltimore Town


Mr˙ George Matthews, Cannon Founder, in the neighbourhood of Baltimore Town, being requested to attend the Council of Safety, and give what information he could with regard to casting of Cannon, and the Cannon now in that place, informed that there were two twelve-pounders, six nine-pounders, six six-pounders, eight three-pounders, and two field-pieces — three-pounders; which, in his judgment and opinion, might be of some service, but not to be depended upon till they were bored again; that they had been unused a long time, and were scaly withinside of the guns; that there were seven or eight of the Annapolis guns left by Captain Stone, four-pounders, all good except one, which had lost a trunnion; might be made serviceable by having trunnions fixed on the outside with an iron hoop.

Mr˙ Matthews was also asked on what terms he would contract for founding cannon; thereupon expressed his opinion that, in his situation as a factor, lie could not incur the expense necessary to be laid out in founding cannon and boring the same, unless he had a moral certainty that his owners should be no losers by undertaking the business.

That the wheel for boring cannon, and other apparatus, were expensive, and a work that would require some time before it could be brought to perfection, and that he did not think he could furnish forty eighteen-pounders in less than four months from this time. That he was going to Philadelphia, at the request of Mr˙ Alexander, in expectation of hearing proposals from Congress on the subject of founding cannon, and should be better able to judge whether it would be worth while to undertake the business, and would expect to hear from us on his return.

Council adjourned till to-morrow morning, ten o' clock.