Letter from Teach Tilghman, Head-Quarters, September


Mr˙ Duer, one of the members of the Committee of Correspondence, delivered in a Letter from Tench Tilghman, Esq˙, dated the 24th instant; which was read. He therein mentions his Excellency General Washington' s satisfaction that the Convention should aid in obstructing the navigation of Hudson' s River.

Ordered, That the said Letter be made a part of the Minutes of this Committee.

The said Letter follows, viz:

"Head-Quarters, Harlem Heights, September 24, 1776.

"DEAR SIR: I have this moment the honour of yours of the 22d instant, acquainting me that Mr˙ R˙ R˙ Livingston and yourself had been empowered, by your Committee of Correspondence, to employ some person about Head-Quarters to communicate, daily, such interesting intelligence as may be expected to occur at this critical time, and that you were anxious I should undertake this task. I feel myself highly honoured by this mark of distinction, and you may be assured I will exert myself to give you satisfaction in my office.

"His Excellency informs me that he wrote your Convention fully yesterday, and desires me to say that he has only to thank them for the attention they are paying to the obstruction of the North River, which he hopes will be rendered effectual by this intended additional obstruction above the chevaux-de-frise.

"We hear that our forces were obliged to abandon Powle' s Hook yesterday evening; but as we have no particulars of the matter or manner, I must wait the return of General Greene, who went down that way this morning, to make himself fully informed. You shall hear more of it to-morrow.

"I beg you will let me know, in your next, who is President of your Committee of Correspondence, as I suppose my letters in my official capacity are to be addressed to him. I shall, till then, address myself to you.

"You are pleased to call me Richard, but I have the honour and pleasure to be your most obedient,


"To William Duer, Esq˙, at Fishkill"