Return of necessaries wanted at the fortifications in the Highlands


The following Return of Necessaries wanted at the Fortifications in the Highlands, enclosed in General James Clinton' s Letter, was also read, and is as follows, viz:

A Return of Necessaries wanted at the Fortifications in the Highlands.

Fifty Axes; 50 Spades; 25 Mattocks; 25 Shovels; 25 Bill-Hooks; 20 Wheelbarrows; 1 dozen Flat and Half-round Files;1 dozen of Three-square ditto; 2 large


Sledges; 2 Hand Vices; 10 Broad-axes; 10 Hand Saws; 10 Hammers; 5 Iron Squares; 2 dozen of Nail Gimblets; 6 pair of Compasses; 5 sets of Framing Chisels and Augers; 6 Spike Gimblets; 3 set of Match Planes, for inch and inch and a half Plank; 32,000 Brick; 10,000 Shingles; 700 weight of Iron; 25 lbs. of Blistered Steel; 400 weight of 10d˙ Nails; 300 weight of 20d˙ ditto; 20 hogsheads of Lime; 7000 feet of 3-inch Plank; an Armourer, with his Tools, is wanting much; 5000 weight of Lead; 10 lbs˙ of Thread; 2000 of Tacks; 24 Sheep-Skins; 1000 weight of 6-lb˙ Shot; 1000 weight of 9-lb˙ ditto, one half each double-headed; 1 ½ ton of Grape Shot, from 4 to 6 oz˙ weight; 1 large Magazine Lock; 2 pair of Shears; 50 set of cast Carriage Wheels; 10 lbs˙ of Twine; aquantity of Oil and Paint to paint the Carriages.