Letter from General Washington to the President of Congress: Proposes raising a new Rifle Battalion


[Read July 8. Referred to Board of War.]

New-York, July 4, 1776.

SIR: This will be handed you by Colonel Stephenson whom I have ordered, with the Captains of the two Rifle companies from Maryland, to wait on Congress. They will point out such measures as they conceive most likely to advance the raising of the new Rifle battalion, and the persons they think worthy of promotion, that have served in the three companies here, agreeable to the enclosed list. I am not acquainted with them myself but from their report and recommendation, which I doubt not to be just, and that if Congress will please to inquire of them, they will mention other proper persons for officers. Only about forty of the three old companies have reinlisted, which I shall form into one for the present, and place under an officer or two till a further and completed arrangement is made of the whole battalions.

I have the honour to be, with great esteem, sir, your most obedient servant.


To the Hon˙ John Hancock, Esq.