From the Merchants of Lancaster


A Petition of the Merchants of Lancaster was presented to the House, and read, setting forth, That the Petitioners carry on a considerable trade to the Sugar Colonies, on their own accounts; whereby the manufacturers of this kingdom are encouraged, and the, revenue augmented; and that the Petitioners are alarmed at the consequences which must happen to the said Colonies, should the non-exportation agreement in North-America be adhered to; from whence those Colonies have hitherto been supplied with very large quantities of bread, flour, rice, Indian corn, live stock, and other provisions, also lumber, and various other articles absolutely necessary and requisite for their sustenance and support; and that the Petitioners are very apprehensive the present interruption of such supplies will greatly distress the said Colonies, and be very prejudicial to their commerce with them; and, therefore, praying the House to take into consideration the unhappy situation the Sugar Colonies must be in, while such supplies are withheld from them, and wherein their commerce may be involved, and grant such relief in the premises as to the House shall seem meet.

Ordered, That the said Petition do lie upon the table.