General Clinton


Resolved, That General Clinton be requested to cause further examinations to be taken relative to the capture of John Woolly and his companions; and that he cause the said John Woolly, and the person apprehended with him, to be sent under a sufficient guard to Poughkeepsie Jail, in Dutchess County; and that a copy of this Order, sent by General Clinton, shall be a sufficient mittimus to the Jailer of the said County.

Mr˙ Ebenezer Hazard, Deputy Postmaster for the New-York Department, waited on the Committee, and requested their opinion on the most proper place of safety and convenience to the publick to which he should remove his office, as an invasion of the City of New-York is hourly expected:

Whereupon, Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee of Safety that Mr˙ Hazard, Postmaster for the District of New-York, should immediately remove his office to some convenient place near Dobbs' s Ferry till further orders from the Postmaster-General.

Whereas the Convention have granted an exemption from military duty to Mr˙ Charles Shaw; and whereas Richard Morris, Esq˙, is exempt therefrom by his commission, agreeable to the regulation of the Militia of this State; notwithstanding which, as this Committee are informed, Captain Varian insists on their serving in the Militia, this


Committee are of opinion that Captain Varian should, agreeable to the Resolution of the Convention of this State, consider the said Charles Shaw and Richard Morris as exempt from military duty, and that a contrary conduct will be considered as a high contempt of the authority of this State, and punished as such.