General Folsom' s orders to Captain Gage to raise men to reinforce General Sullivan, supposed to be at Crown Point



Colony of New-Hampshire, Exeter, July 2, 1776.

To Captain JAMES GAGE, greeting:

Pursuant to a vote of the Council and Assembly directing me hereto, I do hereby require you forthwith to raise and see equipped sixteen men out of the company under your command, to be ready to march and reinforce General Sullivan, supposed to be at Crown Point. In raising which men you are to call on the alarm-list as well as the trained-band. The number already inlisted and passed muster (living within the bounds of your town) for the service aforesaid you are to consider as so many of said number, and make return to the General Committee of your doings therein with all despatch. The persons appointed Muster-Masters are to pay each man the sum of seven pounds eighteen shillings as a bounty to equip himself, and also forty shillings for one month' s advance wages. The men are not to be detained in the service any longer than the 1st day of December next, and have liberty of choosing their officers. As our lives and all that is dear to us depend on our stopping the progress of our enemy' s Army from Canada into our settlements, for your own and your country' s sake, make no delay in pursuing this important business, especially as there is the greatest probability of General Sullivan' s maintaining his ground at that strong pass, and defeating the enemy, if seasonably reinforced; which must disconcert them, as they cannot recruit again from Europe this year.