Letter from William Ellsworth, Chairman of the Committee of Kingston, in Ulster County, relative to Azor Betts and John Blackler Letter from Johannes Hardenburgh, giving information of the state of Companies of Continental Troops raised in Ulster County, Letter from Colonel Ritzema, requesting arms for Iris men, Letter from Garret Abeel, respecting the houses lately occupied by the troops


A Certificate, signed by Samuel Brewsterand Hugh Umphry, two of the Committee of the Precinct of New-Windsor, in Ulster County, dated the 6th instant, was read and filed. They thereby certify that on that day they attended an election of Officers for one of the Companies of Militia in the said Precinct, and in the Second Regiment of Ulster County. That James Umphry was then chosen Captain of the said Company, and that on the 1st day of February last James Kernaghan was chosen Second Lieutenant and Richard Wood. Ensign of the said Company.

Ordered, That Commissions issue to those gentlemen accordingly.

A Letter from William Ellsworth, Esq˙, Chairman of the Committee of Kingston, in Ulster County, relative to Azor Betts and John Blackler, was read. He therein says that those Prisoners have broken their promises and behaved ill, and deserved no further compliments from the Committee.

Ordered, That the said Letter be filed.

A Letter from Lieutenant-Colonel Cortlandt, dated the 15th instant at Albany, was read and filed.

A Resolution of the Committee of Albany, therein enclosed, was also read and filed.
Colonel Cortlandt by his Letter recommends, and the Committee of Albany by their Resolution also recommend, Mr˙ Thomas Williams, Jun˙, to be Quartermaster to Colonel Wynkoop' s Regiment.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Glenn, by Letter, inform Colonel Wynkoop and the Committee of Albany, that the appointment of Adjutants and Quartermasters to the Regiments of Continental Troops raised in this Colony is given to the Colonels of the respective Regiments, who may appoint and displace them at pleasure.

A Letter from Johannes Hardenburgh, Esq˙, Chairman of the Committee of Ulster County, dated the 15th instant, was read and filed. He thereby gives some information of the state of the several Companies of Continental Troops which were directed to be raised in Ulster County.

A Letter from Colonel Ritzema, dated this day, was read and filed. He thereby recommends Dr˙ Ledger for a Surgeon to his Regiment; requests Arms for his men, and that the Billeting-Money and Subsistence of some of the Companies


in his Regiment, which is not finally settled, may be fully paid off and discharged.

A Letter from Garret Abed, Deputy Chairman of the General Committee of the City of New-York, was read and filed. He thereby informs that a sub-Committee of their body viewed the Houses lately inhabited by the Troops; that it would be difficult to clean and repair them, and suggests that it would be proper for this Congress to appoint some person to see that business executed.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Garret Roorback, the Barrack-Master, be, and he is hereby, directed to employ as many persons as he shall judge necessary to clean all the Houses and yards lately occupied by the Troops in this City; that Mr˙ Roorback superintend the cleaning of the said Houses and yards, and render an account of the expenses attending the same to this Congress.

Colonel Remsen informs the Congress that it frequently and necessarily happens that the Colonels of the respective Regiments in this City are out of town for a short time; that in the absence of any such Colonel, any person of his Regiment or Battalion cannot obtain a furlough to go out of the City on any emergency whatever. For remedy whereof,

Ordered, That any of the Field Officers of any Battalion or Regiment of Militia in the City and County of New-York be empowered to give such leave of absence as by a Resolution of this House of the 10th instant is directed and permitted to be given by the Colonel or Commanding Officer of such Regiment or Battalion.