Letter from Colonel Smallwood to Thomas Johnson



Annapolis, July 4, 1776.

SIR: There is in this battalion a man who was inlisted by Captain Fulford s a Sergeant, who (upon the company' s marching here to station) I found had been a Drum-Major


in the British service, and understood the duty extremely well. Appearing much attached to our cause, I persuaded him to quit his Sergeantcy, and to act as Drum-Major in this corps; in which character he has acted about two months, during which time he has discharged his duty in an extraordinary manner, having improved our drummers and fifers very much, and has taught one for the First Independent Company, and may be very useful in forming many others for the service. His duty in this department engages him entirely, and hitherto has been, and probably for some time will continue to be, much more fatiguing than most in the battalion, for which he has only received common drummer' s pay, which certainly is much too low for this duty.

I must, therefore, through you, beg leave to recommend him to the honourable Convention, as a person who merits encouragement, hoping his pay will be made adequate to his services.

There is also a Corporal of the Artillery inlisted by the Council of Safety, who understands that duty very well, is very useful, and deserves encouragement.

I am, with much respect, &c˙, your obedient, humble servant,


To Thomas Johnson, Esq.