Letter to Colonel Remsen


Colonel Remsen' s Letter of the 7th instant, from New-Haven, was again read. He therein requested directions how to dispose of a parcel of Dry-Goods imported by Mr˙ Van Zandt and himself, for the use and on the account of this State.

Thereupon a draft of an answer to Colonel Remsen was read and approved of, and is in the words following, viz:

"SIR: Your letter, by Mr˙ Colt, has been received, and the necessary instructions given him.

"You will be pleased to transport the goods you mention to Fishkill, in the most cheap and expeditious manner, and by no means suffer any of them to be detained or sold.

"When the Convention shall be particularly informed of the circumstances of the inhabitants who have lately quitted Long-Island, they will doubtless make such a provision for them as humanity and the condition of this State may render necessary and proper. We are, &c˙ By order.

"To Colonel Henry Remsen."

Ordered, That a copy thereof be engrossed, and signed by the President, and transmitted.