Report of Committee on the state of the Treasury


Mr˙ Duane, from "the Committee appointed to examine into and report the present state of the Treasury, the progress which has been made in emitting two hundred thousand Pounds to supply the exigencies of this State, agreeable to a resolution of the Convention, passed on the 13th of August last, the obstructions which have prevented the settlement of the publick Accounts of this State against the Continent, and further means for the immediate supply of the Treasury with money," delivered in their Report, which was read, and is in the words following, to wit:

Your Committee do report that they have, according to order, considered the several matters submitted to their examination. That the Treasury is exhausted, as appears by the account No˙ 1, being a general state of receipts and payments of the Treasury down to the 17th instant; and that the most speedy and effectual means ought to be adopted to supply the Treasury with money, that the publick credit may be supported, and the heavy expenses to which this State must unavoidably be exposed, in its present critical and dangerous situation, be provided for.

That by reason of the evacuation of the metropolis the loss of the paper mills, the dispersion of the printers, as well as of the gentlemen entrusted to procure the plates, super intend the press, and sign the bills of credit directed to be emitted, there cannot be the least prospect of supplying the Treasury from the intended emission so as to answer the exigencies of the State.

That the Committee have examined into the measures which have been pursued for adjusting the publick accounts of this State against the Continent, and for that purpose have been attended by the Deputy Treasurer, to whose state of facts mentioned in the paper No˙ 2, they refer; and from which it appears that several of the persons named in the list delivered in by the Deputy Treasurer on the 17th insfant, who have been entrusted with publick money, have, though called upon, neglected to settle their accounts with the Auditor-General of this State, which putting it out of his power precisely to ascertain how much of the moneys have been applied for Continental service, and how much for the more immediate purposes of this State, hath hitherto proved an insurmountable obstruction to the adjustment of the publick accounts of this State against the Continent.

That, nevertheless, from an estimate made by the Deputy Treasurer, contained in the paper No˙ 3, which is herewith presented, it appears, and your Committee are satisfied, that upward of sixty-two thousand Dollars are due from the United States to the State of New-York. Whereupon, your Committee have agreed to the following Resolutions:

Resolved, 1st˙ That it is the opinion of this Committee that the Auditor-General be directed to use all possible diligence in completing the settlement of the publick Accounts of this State with the United States, and procuring the necessary Vouchers, in order that the said Accounts and Vouchers may, without further delay, be transmitted to the Treasury office of the United States, at Philadelphia, there to be finally settled and passed.

And to remove the impediments which have hitherto retarded the settlement of the said accounts,

Resolved, 2dly˙ That in the opinion of this Committee such of the persons named in the said list who have been entrusted with the publick Money, and have neglected to produce their Accounts and Vouchers to the Auditor-General of this State, be and they hereby are enjoined, on pain of incurring the displeasure of this Convention, to attend the said Auditor-General at Fishkills, with their respective Accounts and Vouchers, as soon as possible after receiving notice for that purpose from the said Auditor-General.

Resolved, 3dly˙ That it is the opinion of this Committee


that the honourable Congress of the United States be requested to advance to this State one hundred thousand Dollars, in consideration of the vast expenses to which we are exposed, and the impracticability, for the reasons herein set forth, of emitting Bills of Credit with a despatch suitable to the urgency of our publick affairs and the calamitous circumstances into which we are involved. That in case this requisition should be complied with, the Convention do pledge this State to be accountable for the sums to be advanced, declaring that the receipt of the Delegates of this State or either of them, shall be a sufficient voucher for the same, and directing the said Delegates to forward the Money as expeditiously as possible.

Resolved, 4thly, as the opinion of this Committee, That if it should be inconvenient to the United States to advance to this State the sum specified in the before-mentioned requisition, that then the honourable Congress be and are hereby requested to advance to this State the sum of sixty thousand Dollars, on account of the balance due from the Continent to this State; this Committee being of opinion, upon the best evidence they have been able to procure, that at least that sum must be due from the United States to this State.

The same Report was again read by paragraphs. Thereupon

Resolved, unanimously, That this Convention does agree with their Committee in the said Report.

Ordered, That a copy of the preceding Report be transmitted by the President of this Convention to the President of the honourable Continental Congress, and that a copy be also transmitted to the Delegates of this State at the Continental Congress.

Ordered, That the President write a Letter to the honourable the President of Congress, and another to the Delegates of this State at Congress, to accompany the copies of those Resolutions.