From the Merchants trading to the West-Indies


Friday, November 3, 1775.

A Petition of the Merchants trading to the West-Indies, whose names are thereunto subscribed, on behalf of themselves and others, was presented to the House, and read, setting forth, That the inhabitants of the Sugar Colonies in


the West-Indies have hitherto been supplied with very large quantities of flour, bread, rice, and Indian corn, from the Continent of America, from which supply they are now cut off by reason of the present interruption of commerce with America; and that the quantity of wheat and meal flour, bread, and biscuit, now allowed by law to be exported to the said Colonies from the Port of London, will be greatly insufficient for the sustenance and use of the inhabitants of the said Sugar Colonies during the continuation of such interruption: And therefore praying the House will take the premises into consideration, and grant such relief therein as to the House shall seem meet.

Ordered, That the said Petition do lie upon the table.