Depositions of Roeloff Schenck, Theodorus Van Wyck, Jun., and Peter Horton ,as to the conduct and declarations of Mr. Warne, William Warne to be safely kept


Peter Horton being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists, deposeth and saith: That William Warne informed him that he had seen the Regulars and some of the Hessian officers; that he said the Regulars had told him they had killed, wounded, and taken, three thousand of our men; that he said he reckoned they would beat us; that he said he was a Tory; that he told him one of the Regulars said he had killed one man and taken ninety-nine more, and that one of the Light-Horse had killed two Riflemen and taken two others; that this conversation was on last Saturday evening.


Sworn the 10th day of September, 1776, before me:

ABM˙ YATES, Jun˙, President.

The Doorkeeper was directed to take the said William Warne to Captain Weeks' or any other place where he may be safely kept till to-morrow morning.