Ordered, That Major Lockwood proceed immediately to Westchester County, or elsewhere, and endeavour to see Colonel Smith and Colonel Remsen, in order to obtain intelligence from them of the state of their respective Regiments, and that he be empowered to order the said Regiments to repair to General Clinton' s encampment, at King' s Bridge, in case Colonel Smith finds it impracticable, from the disposition of his troops or other circumstances, to transport them


to Long-Island; and that he inform Colonel Smith, in confidence, that means have been devised, and are now actually carrying into execution, to give him assistance in opposing the enemy on Long-Island.

And Resolved, That Major Lockwood be empowered to impress Horses, wherever he may have occasion for the same, to expedite his journey.

Whereas the Committee of Safety have received information that the Regiments of levies commanded by Colonel Smith are either dispersed or have been disbanded without the permission of this State, and that sundry men in Colonel Remsen' s Regiment of King' s and Queen' s County Militia have been suffered to disperse and take their arms with them, contrary to an express order from this Committee:

Therefore, Resolved, unanimously, That General Clinton be requested to inquire into the truth of such intelligence, and that in case he finds the same true, that he be authorized to use the most effectual means of apprehending and detaining as many of the said levies and Militia as possible, even if they produce passes, till further order of the Convention or the Committee of Safety of this State; it being of the utmost consequence to the publick safety that so large a number of armed men should not be added to the enemy' s power on Long-Island.

Resolved, unanimously, That it be recommended to the Committees of Westchester, Horse-Neck, Stamford, and Norwalk, diligently to watch all boats passing from the main to Long-Island, and to suffer no soldier belonging to any Regiment in the service of this State to pass over to Long-Island armed, even though he should produce an officer' s pass; and that Major Lockwood be requested and authorized to forward copies of this Resolve to the said Committees respectively, by express, if he finds that Colonels Smith' s and Remsen' s Regiments are either dispersed or disbanded, and have received no orders to rendezvous on Long-Island.