Resolutions for procuring flour, in pursuance of the letter of the Commissary-General


The Resolutions for procuring Flour for the Commissary-General, in pursuance of his Letter, being read and agreed to, are in the words following, to wit:

Whereas Joseph Trumbull, Esq˙, Commissary-General of the American Army, by his Letter dated yesterday, at King' s Bridge, and directed to this Convention, informs that the American Troops have evacuated New-York, and mean to make a stand at and near Ring' s Bridge; that he. has been obliged to leave behind large quantities of Flour, which reduces his magazine too low; that if is necessary to have a large quantity soon, that the Army may not be distressed; and requesting Flour to be forwarded, with all despatch, to Spuyt den Duyvel Creek, qr as near it as may be to prevent the expense of land carriage, if the enemy' s, ships should come up Hudson' s River; further suggesting that it may be best to ensure the Vessels and Flour against the enemy, which, together with the price, he submits to this Convention, requesting their aid; and the said Commissary-General therein engages that the Money for the Flour shall be paid on delivery:

Resolved, therefore, That Major Henry Schenck be, and hereby is appointed Agent in behalf of the said Commissary-General, to purchase all the Flour which can be obtained in Dutchess, Orange, and the lower end of Ulster Counties; and that Colonel Charles De Witt and Dirck Wynkoop, Jun˙, Esq˙, be, and each of them severally is, hereby appointed Agent in behalf of the said Commissary-General, to purchase all the Flour which can be procured in Ulster County, and places adjacent, not before particularized; and the said Agents are hereby respectively authorized, if it shall be found necessary, to impress. Sloops or Vessels for the transportation of the said Flour; and to have such Vessels appraised by three indifferent Freeholders, one to be elected by the Agents respectively, another by the Owner of each Vessel, and the third by the two first elected. That the said Agents shall, in behalf of the Commissary-General, ensure against all risk of the enemy, to the sellers of the Flour respectively, the amount thereof at the stipulated price, and to the Owners of the Vessels the value thereof according to appraisement, such price and valuation, in case of capture, to be paid by the Commissary-General, agreeable to the said Letter. That they shall take Bills of Lading from the Masters of such Vessels to deliver the said Flour with the utmost despatch (the danger of the enemy excepted) to the Commissary-General at Spiten Duyvel Creek, or as near thereto as may be, forwarding to the Commissary-General by land, and by each Vessel, copies of each Bill of Parcels, and of each Appraisement of the Vessels, and Bills of Lading, with Letters of Advice, that the Sellers of the Flour and Owners of the Vessels may be under no difficulty in procuring payment.

Ordered, That a certified copy of the preceding Appointments and Resolutions be immediately despatched to the Commissary-General; and that a certified copy thereof be given to Major Schenck, and another such copy be despatched to Messrs˙ De Witt and Wynkoop, at Kingston.